Find Your Purpose How to Find Your Life’s Purpose and Unlock Your Full Potential

By: Patrick Bunker
Narrated by: Dean Smart
Length: 34 min

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Publisher’s Summary

This book will instruct you on what you must do in order to discover your life’s purpose. Your life’s purpose is to create something that will benefit the world in a positive way. When you live according to your life’s purpose, you will become the best person you are capable of being.

Everyone has something that drives them and motivates them in life. This is something that you enjoy doing more than anything else. Some people know exactly what that thing is, and some people are still searching.

If you want to take control of your life and discover your purpose, this book is for you. Once you discover your purpose, you will need to find a way to implement it into your life. This process has proven to be very difficult for many people.

This book will teach you the following lessons and more:

  • The ultimate purpose of life
  • The purpose of goals
  • How to eliminate internal conflict
  • How your true purpose unlocks your full potential
  • How to find your purpose and build your life around it
  • A life of purpose is driven by passion
  • The value of knowing yourself

©2013 Patrick Bunker (P)2016 Patrick Bunker

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